Rocking Transitions

One thing you can be sure of is change, whether the change is chosen, like a new job, or imposed, like a redundancy, you can make the most of it. Let me show you how.

‘Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values’
Dalai Lama

I designed this Rocking Transitions package for women who want to:

The Rocking Transitions package is a smart and intuitive process.

In just eight one hour sessions, you will be guided through your transition.

“Working with Jenny through my transition from City girl to a senior leader in a rural location was invaluable. Together we thought through all eventualities, researched and prepared well. This meant that when I got there, it was easy. Not just that, but we also focused on my whole life and how the transition would give me a chance to be more than a weekend Mum.”

Rocking Transitions clients have said that they benefitted from:

If you want to make the most of transitions, rather than just let them happen to you, you need this guidance.

Rocking Transitions Price includes: