Rocking Career

Before becoming a coach, I was employed in senior marketing roles in corporate organisations. This experience taught me that navigating your career, as a woman can be a minefield and cant be left to chance.

I contribute to national publications on the subject of women’s careers, such as Pride , Glamour and Affari magazine on the importance of networking for women on boards.

I designed this Rocking Your Career package for women who want to:

The Rocking Your Career package is a focussed accelerator, you’ll work hard but it will be worth it.

In just eight one hour sessions, you will be navigating your career with increased success.

I was promoted once while being coached by Jenny and then again shortly after our coaching sessions ended. Jenny will challenge your thinking in a positive and sensitive way to tease out a way forward. I have no hesitation in recommending her coaching skills to others.

Rocking Your Career clients have benefitted from:

  1. being given the power to make a real impact in the workplace, their industry and sector
  2. increased financial reward which has meant that they can make the purchases they need, such as a new car without worrying about repayments, or hire a cleaner to make home life easier
  3. peace of mind, knowing that they are now in a position to help their children financially

One client who had difficulty finding the next step on the ladder for her, started networking as a result of our sessions, she created her own online group and undertook independent research. She now has much more to put on CV and feels confident in interviews. This confidence has also resulted in her taking exercise and look after her physical well-being, wanting to feel good in all aspects of her life.

Your career can’t be left to chance, you need strategies and tactics to navigate it successfully, especially as a woman.

Rocking Your Career Price includes: