One to One Sessions

When I launched Rocking Your Role , my hopes were that it would make a difference in the lives of the growing tribe of women who are the main earners in their home. I couldn’t have predicted the media interest, thirst for debate, development and depth of knowledge around the lives of female breadwinners. What has delighted me most is that women in all life situations, whether they be single mothers, professional working women, women returning to work and even some men have engaged positively with Rocking Your Role and its guidance on how to create the life that works for them. I have been asked for more, and in response I have created ways that you can connect with me to support, challenge, walk-beside and share your path to Rocking Your Role in life and work. These are open to all. View Client Case studies.

Start with a Rocking & Shocking Session

This focused conversation consists of an analysis of what’s working and discovery of your development areas.


Progress to One to One Rocking Packages


Rocking Transitions

Want to be guided through and make the most of change?



Confidently Rocking

Need an injection of confidence?

Confidently rocking



My Biz Rocks

Solopreneur who wants to transform the way you do business?



Rocking Your Career

Need strategies and tactics to navigate your career successfully?