How I became one of LinkedIn UK’s Top 10 Power Women

March 17, 2013 by Jenny Garrett
Top 10 LinkedIn Uk Power Women
The UK’s Most engaged Women on LinkedIn

I was delighted to be contacted by LinkedIn UK last week, and be advised that I was one of their Top 10 Power Women !

As you can imagine, I was surprised, LinkedIn has over 10 million members in the UK, so this really is an accolade.

I am not sure if there is a magic pill to getting on to this list, but I’d like to share with you what I think enabled me to be chosen:

1. A full profile.

That includes as much detail as you want to share, what you do, qualifications, presentations, videos and it must include a photo of you.  Let your personality shine through

Health Warning: People do not trust profiles without images.  It also helps you to be memorable. Get that photo uploaded today

2. Group Creation.

I have set up three groups, which I manage.

What I love about groups is that you bring your tribe together.  You attract people who are interested in the same things that you are.  Groups are a great source of ideas, feedback, challenge and support.  Here are my groups, feel free to join one of them if it’s of interest to you:

Health Warning: Groups do take quite a lot of work to get off the ground, you will need to stimulate conversation, you may even be talking to yourself for a while until your group members decide they want to interact.  You will also need to respond to an ever growing number of comments, but its worth it.

3. Consistency

People will need to see you regularly to get to know you, you should really be posting daily.  Secondly your message should be consistent.

Health Warning: If one of your posts appears conservative and another outrageous, the audience wont trust this schizophrenic behaviour. Use your authentic voice.

4.  Quality posting

Join groups that are of interest to you, comment on others posts and start discussions.

Health warning:  Don’t just post your blogs or relevant articles without comment, add your opinion or a question to demonstrate why you are posting and your perspective.

What does success look like?

Well I attended an event recently and a chap came up to me who I’d never met before and said,

‘I know you, you are Jenny Garrett who post interesting articles on … LinkedIn group, you have a book Rocking Your Role’

I had never met him, but he knew me, all through the power of my LinkedIn profile.


Jenny Garrett is the Award Winning Coach and founder of Reflexion Associates, a leadership and coaching consultancy. She’s also the author of Rocking Your Role, a how-to guide to success for female breadwinners, Creator of the online coaching programme, the Happenista Project and co-founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC