My Biz Rocks

Supporting the growing movement of women entrepreneurs really makes me happy. Sharing my wisdom as a Sage Business Expert and through my role as Vice Chair of the Twenty Ten Club, I meet so many great women with fantastic ideas, sometimes just about to start a business, or running a business alongside their employment, or unsure of how to take their business to the next level. My business degree, experience of corporate marketing roles and eight years of running a thriving business really helps me to help you.

Whatever your small business, I want to help you make it a success that you dream of:

The My Biz Rocks package will keep the busy female entrepreneur on track, motivated and achieving. In just ten one hour sessions, you will be transform the way you do business.

Jenny shared one small tip with me and it increased my conversion rate by 80%.


Jenny challenged me to look beyond boundaries I had set myself and gave me key examples on how I could implement changes to help increase my business visibility.


Through working with Jenny I recognized that there were opportunities that I was limiting myself from taking advantage of. I’ve since written an e-book, collaborated, designed online programmes, and am now reaching a wider audience than ever before and am well on the way to achieving my goal of a portable business that I can do wherever I am in the world.

My Biz Rocks clients have benefitted from:

Running your business can be an isolating experience, lets work together to make sure that your business rocks My Biz Rocks Price includes:

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